Dear Fellow Bernie Supporters — It’s Time to Strike!

Dear Fellow Bernie Supporter,

In this moment, we feel the same as you do. It doesn’t feel good.

We live in a nation that has completely abandoned the working class. The Bernie Sanders campaign gave many of us hope in these frightening times. His announcement that he has dropped out of the primary comes as a shock for all of us when we are all already reeling.

More than ever, the United States needs universal healthcare.

Our homeless need to be sheltered.

Our starving need food.

Our essential workers need Personal Protective Equipment, hazard pay and sick leave.

Immigration detention centers need to shut down.

With Bernie out of the race, it’s easy to feel hopeless and lost. But we are not lost — because of Bernie, we have found each other.

Bernie Sanders brought the working class together in ways we haven’t seen for decades. We’ve worked, campaigned and fought for radical change together.

Bernie’s presidential bid might be finished, but we are not.

This is the beginning.

It is now up to us.

Across the United States, workers are striking: McDonald’s, GE, Publix, Amazon, Domino’s Pizza, Whole Foods. Sanitation workers in Pittsburgh. Meat Packing Plant workers and auto factories. Chicken farms. They strike for better work conditions, healthcare and higher wages.

Tenants across the nation are organizing. Rent strikes are happening across the nation.

Mutual Aid Networks have popped up everywhere, with ordinary citizens pitching in to share food, masks and other desperately needed supplies with healthcare workers, essential workers and each other.

We believe that these kinds of DIRECT ACTIONS are the fastest, most efficient methods for accomplishing our goals. We believe it’s still possible to make Bernie’s platform become a reality… but we need your help!

Won’t you stand up now and support your fellow workers?

Won’t you keep fighting? is a movement dedicated to helping workers everywhere get organized. We’re connecting organizations together and coordinating our efforts across the country and around the world to rapidly build the movement that Bernie has inspired so many of us to join.

Help your fellow workers. Help yourself. Join us and together we can force the wealthy and the powerful to deliver the healthcare and relief we so desperately need!

Now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to strike!

We look forward to working with you!

-The Team

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