Solidarity! Amazon Workers – Virtual Strike, April 24. 2020

An organization of workers at Amazon known as “Amazon Employees for Climate Justice” is calling for action against the retail behemoth to be held on Friday, April 24th. We urge people to respect these efforts, and not do any business with the retailer during this event.

“We’re asking tech workers to virtually walk out on Friday (April 24)” said Maren Costa, an organizer for the group who was recently fired from Amazon after voicing concerns about the companies treatment of workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.*

Previous demonstration held by “Amazon Employees For Climate Justice”

Amazon Employees for Climate Justice announced the “Virtual Walkout” during a virtual panel on Thursday. The panel, attended by over 400 employee representatives from numerous Amazon departments, was intended to foster solidarity between Amazon warehouse employees, and the companies tech sector. This sort of company-wide unity represents a major victory for labor activists within the organization… and it showed.

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