So What is a General Strike and Why is it so Hard to Pull Off?

by Austin Dell

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With #GeneralStrike trending on twitter this week, it’s time to start paying attention and start working.

It’s August 15th 2020. In the US, Congress has taken the rest of the month off, Trump’s 4 executive orders are filled with loopholes to avoid helping citizens financially, at least 30% of Americans haven’t been able to pay rent and there are 5.3 million US citizens with Covid-19. Oh and also apparently we might not have the United States Postal Service by November? A national service demanded in the original constitution and a key tool for every American who needs it for medication delivery or voting or communication. A totally normal and not at all weird thing to have to worry about.

So, chances are you are pretty stressed out, maybe a little angry. Your friends might be too. Civil Unrest is already at a historic high within the US and we are all seeing how effective it is, so maybe it’s time to get out on the street for a General Strike. But what does that entail exactly? And why don’t they happen very often? Continue reading “So What is a General Strike and Why is it so Hard to Pull Off?”

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