About Us

GenStrike.org is a grassroots platform for activist mobilization centered around a simple goal: foster the circumstances needed to mobilize a General Strike. We formed out of a broader movement, inspired by spontaneous strikes and mutual aid networks arising all over the world. We are not here to lead, own, steer, or direct this movement. We are here to support, foster, encourage, signal boost, and materially aid this movement.

Specifically, we seek to support individuals by introducing workers to organizations and information that will help them to self-organize and to support organizations that protect the working class. We hope to encourage organized growth, development, and unity among the working class by signal boosting workers’ efforts, helping with organizational techniques and fundraising, directing individuals to their organizations, and by providing them with a framework, tools, and assistance for coordinating activities and helping to establish networks of mutual aid.

We consider the “working class” to include any person who is subservient to existing private power structures. This includes any person who collects wages, the retired, the homeless, the poor, the disabled, and all other human beings who lack material security or democratic command of their own destiny. We stand against any undemocratic power structure which allows one group of people to exploit and dominate another.

We do not endorse, nor are we endorsed by, any specific political party or ideology. We support all unions, mutual aid networks, and worker groups that strive for solidarity and safety for the working class.

United By Our Platform

We are a Platformist Organization, meaning everyone is welcome to join our movement as long as you agree to the principles of our platform. We also agree to not interfere with other organizations that are working towards the same common goals of liberating the working class by ending landlordism and abolishing the wage system of labor.

Guided by Our Principles

Our organizing principles define who we are as activists and organizers. By agreeing to a shared set of principles, we know that we can rely on each other in stressful times and trust each other as we work towards our common vision.

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