You Are Not Alone.

The working class is waking up.

We did not start this movement.

We started this organization after we saw working class people launch a wave of labor strike and rent strike actions across the world in response to the severe negligence of our “leaders” as the pandemic has emerged. We were inspired into action by the workers and tenants and debtors who have already begun fighting and the hundreds of mutual aid systems which have spontaneously popped up everywhere.

We do not own this movement.

Working class individuals and organizations own this movement. Workers who are frightened about the future and ready to start empowering themselves own this movement. Labor unions and tenant unions and worker groups own this movement. If you are suffering right now, we want you to own this movement. We’re just here to help.

We are not leaders.

We are a support group. Our goal is to help guide individuals to organizations, tools, and strategies they can use to self-organize and self-empower. We are here to signal boost, fund raise, and coordinate established groups. We are here to bolster and reinforce collective action and mutual aid networks that already exist, and to get all these entities coordinated so we can maximize the effectiveness of the working class.

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Latest News

A Global Crisis map of USA on 3/26/2020 map of USA as of 3/26/2020

The ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic is exposing critical flaws in the institutions we rely on for our daily lives. The wealthiest nations in the world are failing to protect citizens from this deadly disease, shamelessly neglecting the needs of the people. In the USA, too little is being done too late to protect us from the disease. Countless working poor people are having to go to work with symptoms because we can’t afford to take time off.

The federal government has been slow to respond, and the stimulus packages they have cobbled together are woefully inadequate to protect the most vulnerable members of our society. President Trump and capitalists across the country are expressing interest in workers going back to their jobs even before the pandemic is safely dealt with, callously proving that they put their own profits ahead of the lives and wellbeing of the working class.

This situation is, quite simply, unsustainable.

People are dying, and the wealthy elites are demonstrating that they value their profits more than our lives.

Who We Are

We are a grassroots, decentralized, non-hierarchical movement of the working class. We are a diverse, inclusive organization dedicated to building a coalition of organizations and individuals of various political tendencies to save the lives of vulnerable, marginalized people in the USA and around the world.

We welcome all exploited members of society: workers, the disabled, LGBTQ+, indigenous people, the neurodivergent, the mentally ill, and anyone else who is suffering without adequate relief through this pandemic.

Our rallying cry: “DO NOT ACT ALONE.”

By working together, we believe we can build a working class that is tactically unified, organized, and coordinated in our opposition to oppression and exploitation.

What to Do

If you are reading this right now, there’s a good chance that you are afraid. You are insecure. You aren’t sure what to do to secure your own safety and to protect yourself from the ongoing pandemic.

You are not alone.

We are working to unite workers from across the USA and around the world to stand up and fight for our own lives—from the safety of our own homes.

General Strike 2020 is calling for all workers to remain sheltered in place in accordance with current medical guidance. Additionally, we are calling for workers to participate in nationwide strikes: rent strikes, debt strikes, and labor strikes. We are also asking participants to hang white sheets or towels outside of their homes as a sign of solidarity.

Most of all, we are asking for you to get involved. Join mutual aid and worker organizations in your area. Organize your workplace. Take direct action to demand radical change and to save your own life.

We will be continuing to update this website with resources, advice, and information, but the first step you can take is dropping us an email. We’ll send you information about how you can join our movement.

No Work

Don't risk your life for your company's profits.

No Rent

Every human deserves shelter, especially now.

No Debt

Nobody should be worrying about bills in a pandemic.

Our Demands

General Strike 2020 is demanding the US government guarantee paid leave for all non-essential workers through the duration of the pandemic, as well as personal protective equipment and hazard pay for all essential workers, including grocery store employees. We are also demanding suspension of rent, loan payments, utility payments, and interest accrual until workers can safely return to employment.

Additionally, General Strike 2020 is demanding the US government distribute free meal assistance, free medical care and free protective equipment for all, prioritizing those most at risk, including front-line healthcare workers.

Finally, General Strike 2020 is demanding an end to immigration raids and sweeps of homeless camps, the release of all occupants of detention camps and holding facilities and guaranteed housing for all persons lacking shelter to self-quarantine.

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